Veronica Lee has been in the industry for over 10 years with a solid background in Marketing and Branding, where she works closely with brands such as Nippon Paint Malaysia, IJM Land, Bukit Hitam Development, Tropicana Corporation Berhad, Kuala Linggi International Port, Signature Kitchen, KARE Malaysia, imSold!, Telekom Malaysia, POS Malaysia, Jatomi Fitness, Barbara Barry, BoConcept, Subang Parade, Capital Land and KLIP, which she has formed strong relationships with.

With more than 10,000 databases collected over the years in the building industry, Veronica understands the behaviors of these targeted groups with ease, suggesting effective methods to overcome each issue with careful attention.

Veronica currently leads The Red Tag and mentors a team of eight from various industries. Liberal in her work style; she allows her team to express their ideas and justification, encourage them to expand on their thoughts and steer them in the right path. With the expansion of The Red Tag, she emphasizes on keeping abreast of the company’s lastest developments by staying constantly informed on the teams’ decisions.



Teamwork has always been a priority in keeping the flow of work running smoothly within The Red Tag. With a close-knit team, it is vital to see that we help one another in motivating each other to move forward. Teamwork is one characteristic in The Red Tag that will ensure our high success rates in keeping our clients satisfied.


The Red Tag is a strong believer in taking the lead in everything we do. Drawn to improve internally, externally and the relationships we have with our clients, we take the initiative to get to know our clients, their products and core values better. This is because we understand that great work takes more than just understanding what is on the surface. It requires in-depth thoughts and a passion to deliver work of the highest standards.


The Red Tag fully understands the mechanics of staying ahead of the game together with our clients; which means keeping up with the current trends, forecasting market directions, staying aligned with a bigger network and linking new connections beyond our sphere. With our right resources, we are able to do more than just build brands for our clients — We create outstanding reputations for them.


We love a creative challenge at The Red Tag; it is what drives us to do better for our clients. Incorporating a dash of our creative streak in our ideas, we take our clients’ perspective out of the box to see how they can build their brand beyond just a brand and gain trust among their customers.There is no challenge too big nor too young for us to pursuit.



The Marketing field has seen many vibrant changes throughout the years with the entry of different tools and methods to convey a brand and product messages to the masses. With the evolving landscape, the industry calls for an Integrated Agency where it includes the general communications and promotional aspects of Marketing such as Branding, Advertising, Design, Digital and Communications.

Under the Marketing umbrella, we observe the conventions of Seven P’s of Marketing: Price, Place, Product, Promotion, People, Process and Physical Evidence. With this guiding rule, it allows analysis on the different aspects of marketing blueprint, enabling us to come up with a tangible and solid action plan that is relevant to present day trends.


Branding is a robust process in which brands are given life – a purpose, an aim and an objective that can fulfill the demands of the masses. Understanding that each brand stands out for different reasons, each marketing approach differs from another in terms of promotional plans and messaging. In order to achieve this, creative ideas have to be customized to fit the brand, in which key messages are spread through various communication medium building up the brand’s perspective.

With Branding as one of the most familiar demand, clients want their brand to break in the market with a unique edge that would distinguish their brand from the rest.


The communication leg supports the marketing and branding plan as a whole. In the execution, communicating key messages are important to inform masses on what the brand stands for and what perception does it provide the end users. However, communication is a multifaceted and cooperative process, where the flow of information and ideas has to be delivered seamlessly between the various parties involved.

Which means to say that communication goes beyond only crafting and dispersing messages; it handles brand perception, understanding behavioral patterns and how masses would react to a brand, methods of approaching a brand – covertly or overtly and views of the masses on a certain brand.


With each assigned campaign, The Red Tag has exceeded the targeted benchmark either in obtaining public participation, sourcing sponsors or collaborations, retaining 90% of its clientele base since its establishment.


• NIPPON PAINT Asia Young Designer Award 2015 & 2016
• IJM LAND Designer Award 2015


• NIPPON PAINT Launch of MomentoTM (2015)
• BUKIT HITAM DEVELOPMENT Chinese New Year Carnival
• BUKIT HITAM DEVELOPMENT Two sessions of networking night; Professional & Dealer
• IJM Land – Periwinkle House Warming Party
• IJM Land – Scarlet Housewarming Party & IJM Land ‘Share Your Love’ Event
• Khoo Soon Lee Realty Sdn Bhd – Exclusive Party

Collaboration & Networking

• NIPPON PAINT Trend Beyond Colour

Intergated Marketing, Branding, Events, Collaboration & Networking

• NIPPON PAINT Colourful Dream Art Exhibition 2014
• Kuala Linggi International Port
• Subang Parade
• CapitaLand Malls


Providing a complete and accessible marketing service to companies that require brand and business elevation.


Providing customized marketing solutions that work effectively for different companies based on the nature of business or targeted brand.